Video Portfolio

I’ll level, I wouldn’t hire me for video work unless I was extremely light or free on price. I am 1000% willing to be an assistant or second camera man for now. But in the meantime, I’ll still share my videos here as a way to watch my own progress.

Just a little eye candy to make you wish you were eating lunch in the woods somewhere.
They’re using Olicamp’s new titanium pot to boil water using the Olicamp Vector stove (so tiny!) and they’re eating some mac n’ cheese from alpine aire.
The stove is cool because it is tiny. The pot is ultra cool because it’s just the right size to fit your fuel, and stove inside it for storage making packing it breezy.
Titanium Pot:
Vector Stove:
Audio is from here:
I have this dream where I want to set up a slackline between two cars and have somebody walk on it while the cars are moving. When recording this video, we started the experiment process figuring out how to pull this stunt off. We learned some things and will be ready for a second attempt soon. In the meantime, I took a minute to review the Gibbon Classic Line. I think it’s a great slackline for beginners and I think Gibbon does a great job helping you maximize your slackline use.

The product description for the Peregrine Kestrel says it’s been tested in a wind tunnel with gusts up to 45 mph! Will it really keep you dry in high wind and rain situations? We took it to the car wash to test it and find out! I love how lightweight this three person tent it. It’s lighter than some one person models I’ve looked at. The pole design creates greater space/volume inside which is a must for a tall guy like me. Awesome tent!

Available at

“Extremely lightweight and packable, the Kestrel UL is the ultimate backpacking tent to take with you into the far reaches of the unknown with your favorite trail buddy. This bright colored tent brings comfort and pizzazz into the backcountry. The Kestrel is capable of thriving in whatever storm mother nature throws at it keeping you warm and cozy inside. Tested in DAC’s specialized wind lab the Kestrel’s Featherlite NSL poles have been tested to withstand 45 mph wind gusts ensuring peace of mind when the weather rolls in. The Ultralight seam-tapped 15D silicon/PU-backed ripstop nylon rain fly and 30D Silicon/PU-backed ripstop nylon floor offer some of the best water protection in the industry. We kept the weight low with a single zippered entrance and one peak vent for humidity control built into the fly. A third cross pole provides vertical sidewalls, maximizing headroom. Stay organized with six internal pockets and numerous ceiling loops for lights and other storage items. With the great weight savings the Kestrel provides, you no longer have to agonize over the choice between your fly rod or climbing rack!”

LifeStraw Commercial

No, this was not a commissioned piece. I love LifeStraw because I love the taste of fresh mountain water. I’m smart enough to plan ahead and bring water, but there’s something refreshing in the cool rushing stream. I chose climbing as the activity because it’s very weight-conscious. Saving a few pounds makes a big deal on the ascent. So, bringing the lightweight LifeStraw rather than a large water bottle makes sense because you’re not only saving weight, you’re gaining access to the limitless supply found at the top of a waterfall.

Snowboarding in July, Ride Snowboards

Another non-commissioned piece. This was a pipe dream as I fell asleep July 2, 2020. “What if I went and found some snow to take pictures on my snowboard tomorrow?”. So, July 3, 2020, I hiked 6 miles with 800 ft elevation change to find a small glacier that I could ride. I brought my GoPro Max to shoot with so I could practice editing 360 media. I like the way it turned out for a first attempt. I had also planned to camp out for the night for more shooting at sunrise, however I was chased out by mosquitoes.

Wholesome is Viral

It was a coincidence that introduced me to this kid. I had planned to meetup with some friends at the lake. I was told to bring my climbing shoes because you could climb 40 feet above the water without ropes. If you fall, you get wet. No biggie. I watched this boy exchange with his dad for a while. Trying to get the courage to jump. I noticed that the boy kept looking at me. Aware that I was watching. Not wanting my attention to make him more nervous. I decided to try and be encouraging. I climbed underneath him, hidden mostly under an outcropping of rock, and talked with him to try and encourage him to beat his fears. I think the video explains the rest. I’m still learning how to smooth the video when I reframe it… There’s always something to learn isn’t there?

A Vote for Matt

I made this video when I was 15. My 12-year-old brother was competing in a student election and I thought it would be fun to be his campaign manager. I used our old family video camera and a software I believe was called Sonic? I had some experience with it helping my dad (my football coach) edit game film. I included this video here because it makes me smile and reminds me that my love for photo and video isn’t just a phase. I’ve loved it for 10+ years. We drew inspiration from popular commercials at the time and won the election by a landslide.