Video Portfolio

LifeStraw Commercial

No, this was not a commissioned piece. I love LifeStraw because I love the taste of fresh mountain water. I’m smart enough to plan ahead and bring water, but there’s something refreshing in the cool rushing stream. I chose climbing as the activity because it’s very weight-conscious. Saving a few pounds makes a big deal on the ascent. So, bringing the lightweight LifeStraw rather than a large water bottle makes sense because you’re not only saving weight, you’re gaining access to the limitless supply found at the top of a waterfall.

Snowboarding in July, Ride Snowboards

Another non-commissioned piece. This was a pipe dream as I fell asleep July 2, 2020. “What if I went and found some snow to take pictures on my snowboard tomorrow?”. So, July 3, 2020, I hiked 6 miles with 800 ft elevation change to find a small glacier that I could ride. I brought my GoPro Max to shoot with so I could practice editing 360 media. I like the way it turned out for a first attempt. I had also planned to camp out for the night for more shooting at sunrise, however I was chased out by mosquitoes.

Wholesome is Viral

It was a coincidence that introduced me to this kid. I had planned to meetup with some friends at the lake. I was told to bring my climbing shoes because you could climb 40 feet above the water without ropes. If you fall, you get wet. No biggie. I watched this boy exchange with his dad for a while. Trying to get the courage to jump. I noticed that the boy kept looking at me. Aware that I was watching. Not wanting my attention to make him more nervous. I decided to try and be encouraging. I climbed underneath him, hidden mostly under an outcropping of rock, and talked with him to try and encourage him to beat his fears. I think the video explains the rest. I’m still learning how to smooth the video when I reframe it… There’s always something to learn isn’t there?

A Vote for Matt

I made this video when I was 15. My 12-year-old brother was competing in a student election and I thought it would be fun to be his campaign manager. I used our old family video camera and a software I believe was called Sonic? I had some experience with it helping my dad (my football coach) edit game film. I included this video here because it makes me smile and reminds me that my love for photo and video isn’t just a phase. I’ve loved it for 10+ years. We drew inspiration from popular commercials at the time and won the election by a landslide.

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