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I am the original author of all these pieces. In some cases, it was originally posted on another website. If you’d like to commission an article, email or fill out the form on the home page.

Maple Canyon Recap

I really don’t like waking up early in the morning. This doesn’t really work as a photographer because if you’re going to be shooting outside, the best light is right as the sun shows up. OR, for this shoot, there’s some traveling that needs to be done. Maple Canyon isn’t very far away from Salt […]

A Week as an Adventure Photographer

As an adventure photographer, you don’t have the luxury of a studio where you can keep all your gear in one place and move the subject to you. You are constantly traveling to locations and your gear has to come with you. The LowePro PhotoSport III is an adventure photographer’s camera bag. It was designed on the crux of adventure to be a climbing photography […]

Suunto 9 Peak: The Fitness Tracker for Those Pursuing Their Peak

Meet Dave, a mid 50s father of five and grandfather of four. Dave works as a vice principal at a jr. high school and has no problem getting his daily 10,000 steps patrolling the halls. Dave has been somewhat active his whole life. He played sports in high school and participated in intramural competitions in […]

How to Choose a Quickdraw

Please note: The content in this post is purely informational and does not substitute professional instruction. If you have questions or need education on the proper and safe use of climbing equipment, please contact your local climbing gym or a certified guide and/or instructor. *  You may have noticed that there is more than one quickdraw available on our […]

What to Bring on a Hike

It’s kind of a loaded question, don’t you think? There are so many options of things you could bring, things like a hiking backpack, trekking poles, traction devices, water bottles or filters.  Most hiking backpacks aren’t big enough to bring everything you might need. Sometimes it’s all helpful, sometimes it never comes out of your pack and its only purpose is to increase your endurance for future […]