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Snowboarding in July

I’m trying a different, humorous, writing style this time. What do you think? Drop a comment. It was a crazy thought that came to me as I was falling asleep. “I bet I could go snowboarding tomorrow.” Now, in Utah this isn’t that crazy of a thought. Ski resorts are usually open starting around thanksgivingContinue reading “Snowboarding in July”

My Take on Debt

The following is an exercise creating a script for an ad for Utah Community Credit Union’s new credit card. The exercise walks through the main idea of the script and defends why I believed the script would be successful. Then, the short script is built. The exercise focuses on just the dialogue, not on anyContinue reading “My Take on Debt”

Pray for Snow

This is a technical research essay that I wrote for a college assignment. It’s here to demonstrate my ability to gather and analyze qualitative data. This skill is important because my client may not always have a product that I am a target customer for. However, I have the skills to research and understand theirContinue reading “Pray for Snow”

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