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Maple Canyon September, 2020

I truly don’t know a group of people I’m more comfortable with than climbers. Two friends invited me to camp and climb with them over Labor day weekend. They introduced me to two of their friends. I can’t say exactly what they thought of me. I can say how they made me feel. They made me feel like a valued member of the group. I was the one with the camera, hanging on their routes probably taking away from their climb time. They made me feel like they were thrilled to have me there. For that, I consider them friends.

  • Trent standing on the glacier he plans to snowboard
  • Landed the jump
  • Ride Snowboards
  • Ride Snowboards
  • Orange sunset
Mount Watson

July 03, 2020 a pipe dream as I was falling asleep the night before. “Let’s see if we can find some snow and take some quick pictures tomorrow.” The plan was to hike around 6 miles, climb 800 feet, camp the night and take some good photos as the sun rose and set. However, I didn’t see the mosquitoes coming. They got the best of me and I wimped out. However, I still got some great photos, a great video, and the memory of a lifetime.

Climbing Rock Canyon

My first official venture into adventure photography. I had just finished taking a master class from Jimmy Chin and felt inspired. Funny how a mood like that can help you push through insecurities like not having the highest quality equipment. I still think these photos turned out great using my little kit Sony 6300 and lens.

Ferguson Canyon July, 2020

Part of the symbolism and reason I chose the goldfinch as my logo is about meeting new people. The only humans I knew when I began this trip up Ferguson canyon were my two brothers. On the hike, I met five new friends. It was energizing to chat with them, swap jokes and encouragement as they attempted a trad route. The route featured lots of opportunities to learn to trust equipment. They took a few falls and their protection held them. After a few attempts, they completed the route. It was a pleasure to take their photos I’m glad they trusted me with it.

Portrait Meetup

It’s great having a support group. I was fortunate to be invited to meet some new friends and practice taking portraits. Not exactly my field of specialty. So, I’m happy with how they turned out.

Fishing the Payette

We joke that my uncle Jon has the timing of a fishing trip down to a science. He knows the dates that the river will be high or low or whatever means the fishing will be great. Not to say he doesn’t go on the other days too. I’m nowhere near his level. But I love being on the water with a camera and a line. Even if it means waking up long before the sun does and hiking 8 miles in waders.

Bear Lake June 2020

I’m not the happiest with these photos. I learned some valuable lessons like post production can’t fix every mistake you made. Remember where the sun is and how it’ll affect your composition. I could choose to hide these photos. Maybe someday I will. But, I’m weird and like displaying my mistakes to show that I’ve learned from them and they haven’t destroyed me yet.

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