Campsite on a Glum Day on a Montana Riverbank

I got this job as a content coordinator for Liberty Mountain. They’re an outdoor goods distributor, meaning we sell stuff to shops like REI. It’s more than just REI, that’s just the shop that everyone knows. They told me that the fact that I like to take photos was a bonus for them. They weren’tContinue reading “Campsite on a Glum Day on a Montana Riverbank”

For Sale: Grandpa’s Nail Clippers

I wrote this piece as part of a class competition. SPOILERS, if I hadn’t done well would I have included it here? The competition was who could write the story that created the biggest emotional response? It didn’t have to be true. The contest started in groups of five. Everyone read each other’s stories andContinue reading “For Sale: Grandpa’s Nail Clippers”

Fishing the Payette River, Idaho, Oct 2019

This fishing trip was on the Payette River near McCall Idaho. This family spends a lot of time on this stretch of river, especially when the run is just right. This day was in October and the fish were biting. It was a relatively cold morning. We were eager to start hiking up the riverContinue reading “Fishing the Payette River, Idaho, Oct 2019”