Goldfinch Adventures, by Trent Whiting

Adventure Photographer

About Goldfinch:

Every story deserves to be told. There’s really no better way to tell your story than through imagery. If you’re busy living your story, then who will be there to capture it for you? Goldfinch Adventures is here to tell your story with you. You can focus on having your adventure, we’ll take care of capturing it. Our talented photographers have proven their ability to join you on your journey and tell your story so you can live it over and over.

About the Photographer:

I, Trent Whiting, am an adventure photographer with formal and practical digital photography training. I acquired this training as part of coursework required in my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing (Circa May, 2020) and various online courses taught by Jimmy Chin (The man behind the cameras for the award winning “Free Solo” film-umentary).

I think of myself as a story teller. Every juicy detail make my adventures that much more memorable. I have lots of material to work with as my life path constantly gives me more to tell. Growing up, I thought that if I lived my life according to the script that my seniors gave me then everything would go smoothly. I would be successful and happy with a secure career that I loved and a loving family to come home to every night. So, when I chose my degree I focused on data analytics. It’s a hot field right now, especially in the marketing and advertising world.

I thought the security would make me happy. Then, life got a better idea. The details are personal, so I won’t share them here but the crux is that the script I was following got ripped up. I’ve realized that I don’t love data analytics. I could do it for a career, certainly. I’m good enough at it (I’ll prove it. Click here for my resume). But it doesn’t fuel my passions. So, I’ve taken to photography and video as a form for telling stories. That’s where I get my fulfillment. By communicating the messages of passion that I, my friends, my favorite brands, and my family tell.

I would like to help you tell your story. Every story is personal and deserves individuality. It deserves to stand out. Are you a brand looking for content that clearly describes why you do what you do? Are you an adventurer that is trying to grow a following? Fill out the form below to contact me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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